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28 November 13:15Comprend Stockholm

The struggle is real

Rapid digital transformation, talent scarcity, new technological advancements, changing consumer behaviour and an ever transforming media landscape. 

Working with digital communications is becoming more complex for each passing year. Add into that the big challenges facing our society like climate change and political turmoil. How do we, as companies address these concerns and take an active role in bringing about positive change? How can communication departments contribute and how do we need to organise to manage digital transformation in a sustainable way?

Let's explore together

An afternoon is a short time to solve all the world's problems, but with the help of a couple of brilliant speakers, panels and discussion groups we want to explore possibilities together with you.  

We have interesting keynotes and inspiring breakout sessions where you can choose your preferred topics. Scroll down for the full agenda below. 

Some of the breakout sessions are limited in capacity so be quick to grab your spot!

Let's unwind together

Following our afternoon sessions we invite you to hang out and mingle, listen to music, have a drink, eat some "snittar" and unwind. Meet new and old colleagues in the communications industry and socialize with your favourite Comprendians

So - what's in it for me?

You will leave with new insights, tools and hopefully new connections. At Comprend we believe in the collective intelligence and that by discussing with our peers we can help each other become smarter and better. 

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The event is held at Comprend Stockholm HQ on Sveavägen 20, 9th floor.

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Welcome and registration

Navigating in the VUCA world

We are living in a VUCA world - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and it affects everything in our lives and day to day work. Our CEO Staffan Lindgren will introduce the agenda of the day and pin point some of the challenges facing companies today.


Keynote - How does climate change affect us and what can companies do about this

As a Climate Reality Leader, Christina Carlmark, Head of Customer Academy at Telia,  will give a presentation on what climate change is, explaining the different ways in which it affects our society. She will present solutions and lead a dialogue around what we have to do to minimize its impact, as companies as well as individuals.


Keynote - Sustainable Leadership for digital transformation

Ann Hellenius has a long history of working with digital transformation both in the public and the private sector. She will share her experiences and knowledge and talk about how digital transformation affects the role of leadership and the overall organisation.


"Fika" break

Take a break, get some coffee and fika.

The corporate website vs stakeholder demands - an impossible equation?

Join our best practice session on how to strengthen the most challenging sections on your corporate website - Careers, Investor Relations and Sustainability. Based on our Webranking by Comprend data, we'll present what the stakeholders of corporate websites expect, and listen to some of the top performers' approach: Annika Winlund from Skanska, Edvard Bergström Vice President Corporate Communications from Sandvik and Sophie Tiano Bergdahl from BillerudKorsnäs.

Following the session there will be an awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of Webranking 2018-2019 in the Nordics!


Breakout session - Diversity and recruiting in tech

The struggle is definitely real when it comes to working towards diversity and equality in tech. Hanna Pettersson, from Tjejer Kodar and Technigo, however know more than most about how to meet these challenges. 

Hanna will share her best tips about working with diversity, recruitment strategy and how to specifically find and recruit more women into technical positions.


Breakout session - Internal communication round table

The employees are the key to digital transformation. To organise and work together, internal communication paths, collaboration tools and digital workplaces are crucial but it is not always easy or clear how to structure or use them for the best effect. 

Join us together with companies like PostNord, SEB and TV4 for a round table to share experiences, ideas and tips.

The capacity for the round table is max 15 attendants so be quick to grab a spot!


Breakout session - Catch the right waves

In a fast-changing world, where changes come in waves, you need to optimally position yourself and your company and choose which opportunities to act on. Learn how to judge the waves so you can get the most out of the ride. Humla Törd and Maria Arljung Gustafsson from Comprend will guide you and give you the right tools to stay prepared.


Breakout session: Storytelling for Impact with Savvy

Good leaders understand the importance of storytelling. Every big idea, change or innovation needs a powerful story to go along with it if you want people to think and act differently. The best startup pitches are great stories. Breakthrough branding and marketing rely on meaningful stories to stand out.

In this active learning Storytelling for Impact workshop, participants will practice the essence of great storytelling. After the 45-minute workshop you will leave with tools and understanding to start having a greater impact and to make stronger impressions on people through your stories.

This workshop is led by Rich Nadworny from Savvy. The capacity for the workshop is max 15 attendants so be quick to grab a spot!


Breakout session - Simplify technology and become a unique player with your digital communication

It’s not easy keeping up with the technology industry. In an ever-changing world you need to respond and react instantly, which your communication has to keep pace with whilst still reaching your audience/market effectively. 

Instead of investing in technology and basic requirements we want to help you build and develop your strategy, allowing you to connect meaningfully with your stakeholders. 

We will be sharing our knowledge and experience in helping companies focus on their storytelling and moving their business forward, both in less time and on a smaller budget. What does “website as a service” mean and how can it help you? 

This session is led by Gabriella Björnberg.


Breakout session - Collaborative Design

Collaboration is always at the forefront when we work creatively with our clients. Marwin Brandt present how we can use design as a tool to create unity and boldness in agile organisations.


How AI can be used for effective communication

Artificial intelligence is set to disrupt marketing and communication. In this session Mårten Bokedal from Episerver will guide you through how you can leverage AI to move towards hyper personalization by moving from mass communication to personal dialogues.


After work mingle

Stay for some beers, bites and beats.

Speakers and facilitators

Staffan Lindgren
CEO, Comprend

Staffan Lindgren is heading up Comprend Stockholm and London and has worked with digital communication for +25 years. 

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Christina Carlmark
Head of Customer Academy at Telia

Learning and development as well as change management and communication has been her professional focus the last years, working in various roles at Telia. Christina has a special interest in sustainability and is a Climate Reality Leader, having received training by the Climate Reality Project and former Vice President Al Gore.

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Ann Hellenius
CIO and Board member

Ann has extensive experience with digital transformation in both the private and public sector (from organisations such as Bankgirot, City of Stockholm and Ernst & Young). She is an experienced leader and has successfully managed turnarounds, digital transformation and competence  changes.

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Hanna Pettersson
Co-founder Technigo and Tjejer Kodar

Hanna is the co-founder of the initiative Tjejer kodar and of Technigo, a popup school, which educates front end developers and creates learning experiences for companies working in programming.

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Rich Nadworny
Design Director, Savvy

Rich is the design director and co-founder of the service design company Savvy Design Collaborative in Stockholm Sweden. His role is to help both large organizations and startup entrepreneurs to use design to create significant positive change in society and peoples’ daily life.

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Annika Winlund
Investor Relations Officer, Skanska

Annika has a great interest in financials and communication and a long experience of financial analysis and communicating financial information. She has previously worked at Vattenfall and D. Carnegie & Co, and is now at Skanska.

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Edvard Bergström
Vice President Corporate Communications, Sandvik

How technology can be used to foster equal opportunities and sustainable businesses is both a professional focus and personal interest for Edvard. Communicating this in a relevant and targeted way is one of the key topics in his current role as Vice President Corporate Communications and responsible for external communications, content and digital channels at Sandvik.

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Sophie Tiano Bergdahl
Manager Communication, BillerudKorsnäs

Working broadly in marketing and communication during the past 10 years, Brand and digital communication strategy are now my main focus areas.

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Mårten Bokedal
Senior Manager, Marketing Nordics på Episerver

Mårten helps companies and organisations advance from mass communication to relevant and personal experience marketing.

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Maria Arljung Gustafsson
Consultant, Comprend

A broad and deep experience in different areas, mostly private sector with focus on business development, innovation, project management and end user experience. Now guiding companies and exploring digital transformation.

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Humla Törd
Consultant, Comprend

Humla has been working with digital communications for over 15 years, helping companies in their digital transformation journeys. Now focusing on guiding companies in their change and innovation processes needed to stay ahead in a fast-changing digital world.

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Marwin Brandt
Creative Lead, Comprend

Crafts delightful user experiences, combining art direction, human interaction behaviour and technical know-how in an agile work flow.

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Gabriella Björnberg
Consultant, Comprend

Gabriella heads up our Website as a service team at Comprend. Driven to simplify in a more complex world her mission is to get the communication departments to focus and invest more on communication and less on technology.

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Helena Wennergren
Head of Research, Comprend

With more than 15 years of experience in helping large listed companies communicating better in digital channels, Helena heads Comprend’s Research team, that is responsible for Webranking by Comprend.

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Timmy Fredriksson
Research Consultant, Comprend

With a diverse background, latest from communication and PR, Timmy is part of Comprend’s Research team and primarily works with Webranking by Comprend.

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Anna Dunder
Research Consultant, Comprend

Anna has a background from higher education and international relations, and is part of Comprend’s Research team and primarily works with Webranking by Comprend.

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Berulv Töndel
Consultant, Comprend

Enthusiastic digital communication professional driven by enabling teams and individuals to success. Berulv will be moderating the event.

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Sara Hernandez
Consultant, Comprend

Lives and breathes digital corporate communication and always curious about new technology and trends. Sara will be moderating the event. 

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